Crystal Dead Sea Products is a manufacturer and private label provider of natural Dead Sea products. It was founded in 1996 in Amman, Jordan.

In the year 2000 Crystal Dead Sea Products expanded its role to export to overseas markets worldwide.

Crystal Dead Sea Products exports directly to different countries, using the experience of a team of experienced professionals. In addition, Crystal Dead Sea Products services customers in many export markets, distributing private label brands.

Our professional staff has accumulated experiences of several years. Thus will ensure our competitiveness horizontally and vertically.

It is extremely deep (averaging about 1,000 feet), salty and the lowest body of water in the world.

The Dead Sea is supplied by a number of smaller streams, springs, and the Jordan River. Because of its low elevation and its position in a deep basin, the Dead Sea. more


   Our vision is to become a well-known manufacturer and provider of Dead Sea products locally and internationally.

This can be achieved by effective customer contact and support through our unwavering commitment to quality.

Because of our quality-oriented management, we are able to offer our clients assurance of total quality control, in both our product brands and post-sales consultation The long-term strategy of Crystal Dead Sea Products is for continued growth and success by meeting any challenges and constraints with our steadfast vision.

  Our professional staff has an accumulated experience of over 40 years in the field of cosmetics, marketing, product formulations, and packaging design. We are fully competent in all phases of business progress.